Ongoing Projects

1) Palakuzhy Mini Hydro Electric Project ( 1 MW )

 Palakkuzhy Mini Hydro Electric Project is the 2nd Hydro Electric Project taken up by Palakkad District Panchayat. The Project is situated in Kizhakkanchery Panchayat 15 Kilometers away from Vadakkancherry.


The 1 MW (2 x 500 KW), 3.78 MU (Million Units) Palakkuzhy Mini Hydro Electric Project is allotted for execution to District Panchayat Palakkad by Government of Kerala vide No. G.O (.MS) No.5/2011/PD dated 14.02.2011 Power (B) Department. The works involved are mainly construction of a diversion weir 60 m long, Low Pressure Pipe (LPP) 294m long, a single inclined Penstock pipe 438m long 600 mm dia branching into two 400mm dia, 5m long feeder pipes and a power house with capacity 2x500 KW twin jet horizontalpelton wheel turbinesand a short tail race channel. The tail race water is diverted to the same stream after generation.

Hystad Turbines

The generated energy will be sold to KSEB as per a PPA that will be arrived after discussion through Kerala State Electricity Regulatory Commission (KSERC). The power is intended to be transmitted to nearby Substation, Vadakkancherry. The Detailed Project Report (DPR) was prepared by KSEB in 1992 having total project Cost of 1.92 Crores. The project report and the estimate have been revised by Palakkad Small Hydro Company Ltd. Now the approximate total outlay of the Project is Rs.13.00 Crores as per the DSR 2015 including interest during Construction.

A Negotiable Purchase committee headed by District Collector Palakkad has been constituted by Govt. of Kerala on 8/03/2011 by Local Self Government Department for purchasing the required land. The weir, the water submerging area, the Low pressure pipe, and a short length of penstock falls in the Kizhakkanchery Village No. 1 and the balance length of penstock, Power house and approach road falls in Kizhakkanchery Village No. 2 The required land for the project except a length of penstock pipe about 300 meter belongs to private land owners. The 300 meter length land with a width of 10 meters for laying penstock pipe comes in Kizhakkanchery village in R.S.358 of Block No. 39 of vested Forest item No.37/4 .The area comes under the Nenmara Forest Division.

Application in required form has been forwarded for the transfer of Forest land to the DFO, Nenmara. DFO, Nenmara has forwarded the same to CF, Olavakkod. The Online registration for forest land is being carried out. The project can be commissioned within two years as and when the land and fund are realized. The District, Block and Grama Panchayats deposited amount as shares in Palakkad Small Hydro Company Limited. Application for including the project under State Sponsored Scheme has been submitted to Government of Kerala for financial assistance.

2) Meenvallom Tailrace Micro Project (40 KW)

A proposal has been mooted by the M/s. Palakkad Small Hydro Co. Ltd (PSHC), to set up a 40 KW micro hydroelectric project, utilizing the tail water flow from the Meenvallom Small Hydro Project. A Feasibility Report has been prepared by Energy Management Centre, Thiruvananthapuram after the joint reconnaissance visit to the plant. The Proposal is for establishing a micro project using Archimedean Hydro power Screw turbine at a drop of 4 m fall from tailrace channel. The 30 Rpm speed of screw will be increased by speed increaser gear box to the rated speed of the generator. A small Power House around 4x4 m would be constructed.

screw turbine

EMC has been awarded with the responsibility for preparing the DPR. Preparation of DPR which generally includes: Collection of hydrological data, Infrastructure & Land, Power potential studies for optimum water utility and to fix the optimum and rating of generating unit. Design of cost effective component structures for the project including optimization studies, election of type of T-G & auxiliaries. Estimates for civil, electrical and mechanical works. Drawings of various component structures and schematic diagrams based on preliminary design. Economic evaluation Payback period. Construction schedule and planning, construction programme, Procurement and Erection & Commissioning.

3) Koodam Small Hydel Project ( 4.5 MW)


The capacity Koodam Small Hydel Project is 4.5 MW (2 x 2.25MW), 10.5 MU (Million Units) Koodam Small Hydro Electric Project is in Mannarkkad taluk, Sholayur Village and Sholayur Panchayat. The Proposed site is at Maranatty. There is PWD road up to Chittoor and beyond there is a coup road about 3 km up to weir site. Beyond 3 km a new road is to be constructed.1 km road is to be constructed to reach PH site also. Weir is at Kallanthode. Propose two bridges also if the chittoor irrigation project is materialized. There is no Forest land, only Private rubber plantation. This is a run off the river Scheme. The river basin is Bhavani. The Project consists of a concrete gravity weir of length 145 M and height 10M. A low pressure pipe 1.5 m diameter of 900 M length and A fore bay 7 m diameter 18 m height is to be constructed. The circular shape penstock of 530 length and diameter 1.3 m has also to be constructed. The 2x2.25 MW horizontal type Francis turbine of net head 173 M will be fed by two feeder pipes of 1m Diameter.

4) Chembukatti Small Hydel Project (6.5 MW)

The project capacity of Chembukatti Small Hydel Project is 6.5 MW with 13 MU (Million Units), The Project is in Mannarkad Taluk, Kottoppadam panchayat and Kottoppadam Village No.1. The Proposed site is 16 KM from Mannarkkad – Melatoor route and 5 Km fom Thiruvazhamkunnu. There is no Forest land involved in this project, only private land. A 5 m high and 80 meter length weir is to be constructed in palakkuzhippuzha /velliyar which is a tributary of Kadampuzha which reaches the Arabian sea at Kadalundi. A canal of 1523 meter length has to be constructed from the weir and penstock for a length of 500 meter is to be constructed. The turbine is vertical Francis.

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